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What are typing games?

Typing games are meant to develop and improve the typing skills of individuals who already know at least the basics of typing. Weather they are using two fingers or are already well versed in touch typing these game will provide a good source of practice for all. They usualy require typing down the incoming letters, words or even short scenteces in order to gain points but also a higher level of skill as well as have fun while doing it. Typing games are a good practice resource which helps each individual improve thier speed and accuracy in typing.

Who are they for?

These games are made for everyone who knows how and who likes to type. That includes those who are just beginning to learn the skill of touch typing or even those who are just starting to use several fingers for it. People who are already well versed in this discipline can enjoy these games even more because it will aloow them to practice and perfect the knowledge. This means that there are various levels of game complexities from simple and basic to very intricate which require the greater skill leves to play. Many also allow to post the result and compare it to others, as well as going back and trying to beat your own best score in an attempt to be even better.

Why play them?

Anyone who wants to master the skill of touch typing or any kind of typing for that matter needs to practice. So, instead of some tedeious and boring excersises these games offer fun way to do the same thing. When it comes to skills like typing, there is always room for improvement and practice is one way of achieveing the greater level of knowledge. That doesn't have to be achieved the hard way but rather through fun and play, which proved to be much effective way of learning.

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