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Alpha Attack - Stop the bombs

Alpha Attack - Stop the bombs

Your city is under attack and your help is needed to keep it safe.

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Alpha Attack - Stop the bombs

Alpha Attack - Stop the bombs

Your city is under attack and your help is needed to keep it safe. Your typing skills will be tested and depending on your ability to act fast and type precise the fate of an entire city is literally in your hands. Bombs are falling and you need to stop them by typing the letters, numbers or words written on them. If you are to late, the bomb reaches the buildings and destroys the city piece by piece until there is nothing left.

There are 18 stages in this fast typing hand eye coordination game. However the rules of engagement could be changed here. You can choose between only letters or only numbers, you can set the maximum of characters to up to 30. However if you make any of these changes you can't have your score in the scoreboard. Also when you start the game you get to choose if you want to play it at easy, medium or hard. Recommendation is to always start slow simply to give yourself a chance to see and feel the game.

At the beginning of each level you get to see the password for that level and hints and tips to help you within the game. You will also notice that in the upper right corner you have marked lives, of which you have 3 and also there is a square which says bombs. It also says there are three of those and they are activated by space key. The Panic Bomb feature destroys all the incoming projectiles currently on the screen, it literally wipes the screen clean. So, if you are ever overwhelmed with the sheer number of incoming bombs, simply press the space and start over. However use this feature wisely because there is only a limited amount of those. There is also a way to get more of those in game.

Pay close attention to the incoming bombs. There are regular ones and those you can see at the very first level. Then there are the rotating ones, which make it a bit harder to see what is written on them and there are the big ones which make a lot more damage to the city than your average bomb does, and those must be destroyed as soon as they appear. Now, use your typing skills and save that city, also test your skill and see if there is any room for improvement.

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