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KeyMan - PacMan

KeyMan - PacMan

An interesting Pacman based game where you use your fast typing knowledge to navigate Keyman around the maze.

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KeyMan - PacMan

KeyMan - PacMan

An interesting Pacman based game where you use your fast typing knowledge to navigate Keyman around the maze. Goal is to eat all of the food which is represented as dots. However things are not always that simple. There are ghosts after you at all times. If they even touch you, you lose and game is over. Once all the food is cleared from the maze you advance to the next level. The higher the level, the more complicated maze, more ghosts after you and greater skill necessary.

There will be maximum 4 different letters shown around the Keyman. That number depends on how many possible directions it can move in. Sometimes there will be 4 possible directions and sometimes just 2 depending on where in the maze you are positioned at that particular moment. Each time you change direction the letters change too which keeps you on your toes at all times. And not only do you need to keep an eye on an ever changing directional letters but on the moving ghosts also. Their only job is to hunt you down. However, if you see the big red, let's call it tablet anywhere in the maze you should try and reach it. If you get there in time and eat it, you are safe from the ghosts because then you can eat them too, which you should.

This particular game requires very high skill levels of touch typing, because there isn't much time to think about the position of letters on the keyboard. That means that this game is great for those who already know how to type and are pretty fast with their fingers. Fingers flying across the keyboard are a must if you want to play this game. However, it can also be a good practice source for those who have the patience to play lower levels until they reach the necessary speed required.

YouTube - Pacman Game

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